Thursday, April 1, 2010

Knott's Berry Farm

This year we decided to buy pass to Knott's Berry Farm and all of the Knott's Soak cities. The price was to good to pass up considering the amount a Disneyland pass cost. This is the first trip to Knott's Berry Farm for all of the kids. To start our day off Jack was extremely excited and wasn't looking where he was going and smacked right into a light post. As you can see in the pictures below his giant goose egg. once the tears stopped we enjoyed the rest of the day. Jack is still a little short to go on most of the roller coasters but I am glad they have the baby swap program there. As far as Ava, she is short for her age and ca only ride a few rides in camp snoopy. Kaden just enjoyed being out of the house and the few rides we could take him on.

Notice the bump on his forehead!

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