Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My new blog is up and running.

I finally finished the blog for my new adventure. If you want to check it out feel free. Click on the Krystal's creations in my list of blogs of family and friends..

Monday, February 1, 2010


Well it has been a while since I have updated the blog. The last time I updated anything was in October. Man, time does fly these days. Since October many things have changed. Mid-October the kids and I packed up and moved back to Kentucky to meet Danny there upon his arrival from Afghanistan. We were sad to leave but happy to know that Danny was going to be home a few weeks after we got there. Danny got home safe and sound the first week of November. We were all excited and thankful he made it home safely. We didn't get to stay long in Kentucky since Danny was just there to out process and get out of the Army. While we were that we had a great Thanksgiving with friends and enjoyed every minute of it. As far as December goes Danny turned the big 27 and is now in his late twenties.. Ava turned 2. We decided to have a bowling party for her and she loved it. The theme of her party was Tinkerbell. All of us had a fun time bowling and eating pizza. On December 17th we packed up and left Kentucky to come back to California. As we left Kentucky we closed a chapter in our lives for the last time. It was bitter sweet since the Army is really the only thing we have known for the last 8 years of our marriage. I am glad to say that there will be now more deployments and long periods of time apart. There will be no more missed birthday's, holidays or any other special events. Speaking of holidays this year was a wonderful holiday season for us. We were finally all together. This year we just spent it with the family and enjoyed every moment of it. As far as the new year goes there will be some changes for us. We are still adjusting to civilian life which includes job hunting and the starting of school again.I (Krystal) have decided to start my own business and will see how that goes. I am still working on my blog so when it is ready I will post it. I am looking forward to this new adventure and hope to make it successful. That is what is happening in our relem of the world and we hope everyone is having a wonderful start to 2010..