Monday, November 10, 2008


Well i finally have a little free time to update so here goes. We spent most of October in California for Danny's leave. We had the opportunity to run in the Nike woman's marathon in San Fransisco which was a total blast. My sister Amber and I all signed up in march to run but little did we know that we would both be expecting when the time came for the marathon so in the spirit of not quitting we just did the half while Danny ran the full. We had so much fun spending the weekend without the kids. Along with San Fransisco we took Jack and Ava to Sea World and the Wild Animal Kingdom. Jack had such an awsome time seeing all the animals. We were also lucky enough to have Halloween with our family this year and I really enjoyed seeing everyone in their costumes. Jack made it only a few blocks before he wanted to go home. Good thing for me not very much candy for him to eat. All and all we had a wonderful time at home and were sad to come home since that means Danny will be on his way to Afganistain. Soon after we got home Danny left and we packed up the rest of the house and made our 5 day trip home.. Yes it took us 5 days to get home. We had to tow the jeep and we could only go so fast.. We are now trying to settle in at my mom's house and hopefully things will settle down for us. Sorry there are no pitctures to post but I will get around to that in a few days..