Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eggs and Lots of Them

It's Easter time in our household again and that means the tradition of dyeing eggs was in order. This year we had two extra guests with us to help us dye our eggs.. Gizelle and Katelyn were here to help. I was trying to show Jack hoe to use the egg dipper they give to you but he had an easier time just grabbing his eggs right out of the dye. As a result of that he had green hands which made him look like the Incredible Hulk. Ava of couse did the same thing because she wants to be just like Jack except her hands were a shade of yellow and green. Now Kaden just wanted to eat the eggs and play in they dye so he had splashes of blue on him. Katelyn put her eggs in her pink dye and than just wanted to dump it all over the table and floor. It everywhere and thank goodness for magic erasers otherwise we would have a huge pink stain on the floor.. Other than a few craked eggs and dyed hands the kids made so great looking eggs..

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